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Rose of Roses - One More Time, March 26, 2017 at the Back Door in Sunland

On Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 7 p.m. the Artist's Reception will be held for my "Rose of Roses" photo exhibition at the Back Door Bakery and Cafe  in Sunland, CA (8349 Foothill Blvd, Sunland-Tujunga, CA 91040, near the corner of Oro Vista, past 7/11).  The exhibition features 34 framed rose photographs taken in my garden and at the Descanso Gardens over the years, in spring and fall, in the morning and at dusk. The geometry of rose petals and dew drops are an endless fascination of mine, with shifting patterns of light and shadow adding to the mystery. 


It all started with love –
a sudden burst of feeling
blinding me to everything
but you

dolcissimo, con amore

It all started in hope –
a shy expectation
that one day you’d come
and we’d dance

misterioso, con gioia

It all grew in faith –
your faithful presence
making love, our love

pianissimo, con felicità

[This and the following poems from Maja Trochimczyk, Rose Always, Moonrise Press, 2011, this book is no longer available as it was withdrawn in 2018]

The Reception will include a Poetry Reading with an Open Mike for Poets who would like to read their ecologically or romantically-themed poems. Photos and books of poetry will be available for sale. 


My love is like a sparrow
looking for an oak tree
to rest between its branches

It flutters here and there,
it wanders around,
lost yet happy, it sings

My love is like a sunbeam
shining on the good and ugly,
searching for the crystal reflection
of pure loving – it dreams

My love explodes
like a summer lightning
that leaves hot ashes in its wake,

revealing a diamond of truth


My love is made of gratitude
and sorrow in equal measure,
it thrives in silence

Out of thankfulness
I build a shield,
smile by smile, day by day

I am sure you did not know
that I made you
my guardian angel
to watch my grief diminish
replaced by joie de vivre,
born in your presence

Do the halo and the wings
fit you?  They’d better –
you are going to wear them
tor a very long time –
till death

does us part, no less


I sleep better when
your dog is snoring nearby.

I wake up early and walk outside.
The sun is bright, entrancing.

I do not have much time in the morning.
I cut one red rose for my vase.
You promised to come.

My roses are like pets.
I have to feed them, give
them water to drink daily.

I am thirsty, too.
Thirsty for your love.

For more rose photos and poems visit:

The previous events at the Exhibition included "Eva and Shandy among the Roses"  - a concert of acoustic duo Shandy & Eva, performing original songs and covers with the classical guitar and percussion  (on February 25), St. Valentine's Evening of Poetry and Roses (on February 14) and Roses at the Oskars on February 26, with Margaret Saine, Lois P. Jones, Marlena Bond, and Kathabela with Rick Wilson. Photos from these events and links are posted below. 

With Elizabeth Kanski, Lucyna Przasnyski and a Friend

With Lucyna Przasnyski

With Margaret Saine, poet: 

With Kathabela and Rick Wilson

Pam Shea reads poems with Eva and Shandy

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