Thursday, June 13, 2019

Live in Balance, in Harmony, in Sunlight under Bright Blue Skies

Imagine a Star…

… above your head. Imagine 
a bright shining star 
of white golden light. 
Imagine a sparkling star 
with long brilliant rays  
wrapping your entire body 
in a cocoon of light.

Imagine you are safe 
in this light like a chrysalis, 
waiting to become a butterfly,
like a walnut in its shell 
before it grows into a tree.

Light permeates your body.
Light flows in your veins.
Light shines in your mind.
Light pulsates in your heart.

You are liquid light.

You are light.
You are love.
You are...

It is important to  hold on to this knowledge and belief, especially today, when beauty, goodness, truth are under attack from all sides. Light and love too...

The beginning of chemtrails in Sunland after a beautiful clear morning. 

The global chemtrail offensive is continuing but more and more people are waking up and looking up and posting photos, and commenting, and simply being aware of what's going on. More and more people are Light of this world. They know Light within and they are blessed by Light ...

More chemtrails in Sunland. Fake clouds. More spraying.  Spring 2019.

We have a weather modification project on our hands, that caused 10 years of drought in California (2008 to 2018) so that small farmers went bankrupt and their land was bought by huge corporations who were stealing water in the crisis and selling it back to us in plastic bottles.

Chemtrails after the rain interrupt the natural cycle of moisture 
rising to form clouds and rain again. Sunland, Spring 2019.

This year, it is chilly here, or was until the end of May. Because we have a new a geoengineering project that causes historic floods and tornadoes in the mid-West on the prairies in America, when there were no floods or no tornadoes ever in such intensity, but then there is a historic drought and heatwave in India in a regular monsoon season (May 2019). hardly regular! This has been going on for years; but suddenly the FNM (Fake News Media) are full of announcement that Harvard will engage in Solar Radiation Management project to dim our skies.

Sometimes these look quite apocalyptic, crisscrossing in pale, dying sky. 
Sunland, Spring 2019.

It hardly needs dimming after 20 years of the military doing that in "secret" and plain sight. Check out a 2018 story about cloud seeding in Australia, with names of corporations, budget amounts, and deadly flooding in Tasmania caused by artificial rain...  Or another story, with a map of current cloud seeding and carbon capture projects:. The latter map is misleading in that it does not include the HAARP type microwave antenna arrays and other microwave energy projectors that are distributed around the world to hit the clouds of metallic nanopowders and heat up the atmosphere so as to block the natural flow of jet streams, divert it, shift the direction of  hurricanes, cause droughts, or floods, and engage in other forms of weather warfare. This can only be found on sites managed by conspiracy buffs, who too often disappear without a trace.  . .

What happened to our river of moisture in the sky? Our jet stream? It is enough to look at some satellite photos and see the artificial barriers of chemtrails, full of metallic powders, that are laid out in straight lines, like atmospheric fences, and then shot with ultra high energy beams to heat them up and stop the flow of the river of wet air and divert it north so it is then diverted again south to bypass California and land in the middle of the prairies. How horrible! What a horrible, mindless, greedy person you have to be do to that to the planet? Angry? Time to meditate, then.

Foreground: moisture after rain raises to form clouds.
Background: spraying to disperse them and prevent rain.

Try it, just try...

Sit, or lie, or stand quietly, not moving, but not tense. Relax, close your eyes. Imagine....

Meditation on Light

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Relax.

Imagine a bright, golden-white light right above your head, a miniature sun. Its golden rays shine all around you, through you. You are surrounded, enveloped, protected by light. You are Light. You are Love. You are safe.

Now, breathe in this light. See how it starts to shine inside you. With each breath, the brightness descends into you, deeper and deeper. Light enters and fills you. It shines inside your head. You see it in your mind's eye. Light particles scatter and flow in waves. All your thoughts are pure light. There is no darkness. Only light, only peace.

Now, the white light expands and settles in your heart. A sun shines in the middle of your chest. It stays there. The pulsating sun-heart moves the golden-white, dazzling light into all parts of your body. Your blood and veins are full of light. A warm glow spreads all over. Darkness disappears. Light is everything.

Streams of light flow through all your organs, muscles, and skin. Light rays cleanse, purify, and heal. They flow to the fingertips, the tips of your toes, through your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Even your hair is full of light. From the top of your head to the soles of your feet, you are all made of light.

Breathe deeply. Breathe in breathe out
Breathe in breathe out. Nowin this momentnext

The energy flows and pulsates. You feel lighter, fuller,
calmer, brighter. You are joyous, thankful. Shining with the golden-white glow of your light, you feel vibrant, fully alive.

You say YES to the light, YES to the life this light brings.

You rest in the tranquil rhythm of your breath.  Rest
in the strong, steady rhythm of your heartbeat
a pulsating, bright, golden sun.

You are light.  You are love.
All made of light. All made of love.
Still silent  serene
The brightest sun.

*   *   *

Now, open your eyes. Feel the earth beneath your feet.

See everything around you. You are here. You have arrived.

A glorious morning in Big Tujunga Wash. Not a cloud in sight!
No real clouds, nor fake ones.  

Here, on our lovely planet, we are systematically being poisoned by people who are either greedy or stupid or evil. Their death-wish intentions are implemented by others who feel they are helpless and have no other option. There are so many! Is there no hope then? 

Blue skies in Hermosa Beach, with some rising moisture clouds
above Los Angeles in the distance. It was raining at night, so clouds appear by noon. 

Yes. There is a solution. If we buy what the companies that poison us make, we are complicit in the destruction of the world. Thus, we should know what NOT to buy, what to stay away from, and how to read the labels to understand what is toxic and will harm us, and what is edible. Hint: grow your own food in your garden if you can (my veggies never grow, but trees and bushes do, so at least I have healthy fruit). If not, buy organic from farmer markets, and if you cannot do it, at least read the labels and buy organic from the stores. 

Ever hears of Monsanto? Agent Orange? Roundup, Glyphosate? DDT? Now the company that made the greatest number of most horrible poisons in the history of the world is owned by Bayer, a German conglomerate that bought it for 66 billion dollars. Here are the companies that are owned by Monsanto and make food and domestic items that are quite common.  I used to buy Lipton tea. No more.  I'll look for new brands, and read who owns them: 

How can we live in such a horrid world? We vote with our wallets. What we do not pay for will slowly disappear. Right? Let's vote Monsanto, Bayer, and their ilk out of existence with our wallets, with our corporate wallets. Let's do the right thing and sacrifice convenience for what's right for the planet. It is quite hard, and does away with the convenience of just grabbing something off the shelf of a fast-food store... 

Another glorious sunny day, with pure azure skies in Big Tujunga Wash. April 2019

Plastic! I have been guilty of buying and drinking water from plastic, not recycled even though I put it in my recycling bin. China refuses to buy our garbage and sort it, so we have to stop producing so much garbage. I will start from where I can start. I'm a President of a Club and we will not use plastic plates, utensils, cups, or water bottles in our meetings any more. We will make this effort and wash the dishes after meetings for 80 people. That's a lot of dishes, I'll wash them since I'm the President. Because I ask for not using plastic, and because I care. 

Meat!  So much more costly, polluting, destructive and cruel to produce than veggies and fruit, and even eggs and dairy, for those who do not want to be vegan, but just vegetarian, or even pescatorian, eating fish but no red meat nor poultry.. I stopped buying and eating red meat two years ago, I will not be an annoying guest looking for food just for me at parties, or will eat fruit and nuts and cheeses they must have, but I will not chose to buy it for my home. That's a step forward. First do no harm. When I visited Chicago and toured the Stock Yards, where 800,000 heads of cattle and pigs were held and killed, the largest, most dirty, overflowing with blood place of murder of sentient beings for food - I felt really bad. As if a cloud of suffering remained in the air in that poisoned space. 

But such dark feelings, coming from empathy and compassion, have to be lifted and dispersed, like rainclouds after rain. They should not drag me down into anger at the state of the world, disquiet, or unforgiveness. If we love all and forgive all, should we not forgive the animal killers, too? The polluters? The pilots of chemtrail planes? The operators of microwave drones setting fires?  The evil, evil monsters giving orders? 

I start my days with meditations and exercises, using my Seven Suns poem/incantation that I modify as it fits my mood. It is to balance my body and wrap myself in light, so I'm strong, and positive and able to do everything I am supposed to do during the day, in good cheer, happy, smiling, always loving and kind. That's the ideal anyway. I do fall short of it, and try again and again.  What else is there to do, if  not to pick up the pieces and try again? 

I recently discovered that hand gestures "mudras" are associated with each energy center, or chakra in the body, one of the "seven suns" from the poem below.  Above you have an illustration of the five "elemental" mudras associated with the five elements of creation. The fingers that are stretched out are to be straight and together, not sticking out every which way, as in the picture above (I picked it because it has all five with names in one image). But if someone has no practice, the ligaments will be stiff and the fingers will not be together as they should. The important thing is to touch the tip of each finger to the thumb that is associated with the element of fire. If you use the index finger - air touches fire (no.2),  you have your hands in a gesture typical for meditation, but if the hands get tired, it is OK to shift positions.  

Yucca starts to bloom, next to last year's stalk.  Sun, sun, sun...

After going through these five gestures, it is good to end with the "Prana Mudra" - the gesture of life, the healing gesture, in which you hold together the small finger, the ring finger and the thumb.  You can see that in some portraits of Christ from the Eastern Orthodox church. You can find an explanation on Ancient Yoga site: This is the mudra of life, healing all diseases. Keep you fingers in these positions while meditating every morning and after a year, check back on your spiritual, emotional and physical health! 

The Seven Suns

The bright Sun above me.
Its rays all around me.
The bright Sun in my mind.
The bright Sun in my heart.

I am a droplet in the cosmic ocean.
I am a point in the sphere of light. 

The first circle spins. The first sun shines. 
The red circle spins. The red sun shines. 
The coral circle spins. The coral sun shines.
The ruby circle spins. The ruby sun shines.

Faster - brighter - spinning - shining - 

I am Divine Body - I am Divine Matter - I am Divine Presence
I am red ruby of life. 
I am alive.

I am a droplet in the cosmic ocean.
I am a point in the sphere of light. 

*      *      *

The second circle spins. The second sun shines. 
The orange circle spins. The orange sun shines. 
The copper circle spins. The copper sun shines.
The amber circle spins. The amber sun shines.

Faster - brighter - spinning - shining - 

I am Divine Spark - I am Divine Flame - I am Divine Intention
I am pure amber of will,
I want. I give.

I am a droplet in the cosmic ocean.
I am a point in the sphere of light. 

*      *      *

The third circle spins. The third sun shines. 
The yellow circle spins. The yellow sun shines. 
The gold circle spins. The gold sun shines.
The topaz circle spins. The topaz sun shines.

Faster - brighter - spinning - shining - 

I am Divine Power - I am Divine Balance - I am Divine Fire
I am bright gold of strength.
I'm strong. I'm calm.

I am a droplet in the cosmic ocean.
I am a point in the sphere of light. 

*      *      *

The fourth circle spins. The fourth sun shines. 
The green circle spins. The green sun shines. 
The jade circle spins. The jade sun shines.
The emerald circle spins. The emerald sun shines.

Faster - brighter - spinning - shining. 

I am Divine Kindness - I am Divine Compassion - I am Divine Love
I am green emerald of love. 
I glow with Love.

I am a droplet in the cosmic ocean.
I am a point in the sphere of light. 

*      *      *

The fifth circle spins. The fifth sun shines. 
The blue circle spins. The blue sun shines.
The turquoise circle spins. The turquoise sun shines.
The sapphire circle spins. The sapphire sun shines.

Faster - brighter - spinning - shining - 

I am Divine Voice - I am Divine Expression - I am Divine Truth

I am Divine Song - I am Divine Melody - I am Divine Harmony
I am blue sapphire of truth. 
I speak. I sing.

I am a droplet in the cosmic ocean.
I am a point in the sphere of light. 

*      *      *

The sixth circle spins. The sixth sun shines.
The violet circle spins. The violet sun shines.
The lapis circle spins. The lapis sun shines.
The amethyst circle spins. The amethyst sun shines

Faster - brighter - spinning - shining - 

I am Divine Vision -  I am Divine Insight - I am Divine Wisdom
I am clear amethyst of Sight. 
I know. I see. 

I am a droplet in the cosmic ocean.
I am a point in the sphere of light. 

*      *      *

The seventh circle spins. The seventh sun shines.
The pearl circle spins. The  pearl sun shines.  
The crystal circle spins. The crystal sun shines.
The diamond circle spins. The diamond sun shines.

Faster - brighter - spinning - shining - 

I am Divine Radiance - I am Divine Clarity - I am Divine Light
I am bright diamond of Light. 
Bright, shining Light.  

*      *      *

I am the rainbow of infinite Light.
I am the sun of boundless Love. 
I am the rainbow of infinite Light. 
I am. I am.

I am all made of Light.
I am all made of Love.
I am all made of Light.
I am. I am. 

*      *      *

My Light shines in my body.
My Light shines in my heart.
My Light shines in my mind.
I am. I am. 

My Light shines in my house.
My Light shines in my garden.
My Light shines in my valley.
I am. I am.

My Light shines in my city.
My Light shines in my planet.
My Light shines in my galaxy.
I am. I am.

My Light shines in the world.
My Light shines in the Milky Way.
My Light shines everywhere.
I am. I am

*      *      *

              Amen—Let it be  
              God’s Light shines in me

              Amen—Let it be  
              God’s Love shines in me 

Two yucca whipplei flowers stretch to the sky. Seed pods on lower branches. 

My friends call me the Dove of Love, gentle and sweet, with her insistent song, "I do, I do, I do love you. /I do, I do love all of you!"  Doves are a bit plump and awkward, their flight heavy, yet graceful They are beautiful in shape, with smooth plummage. Round bead of an eye. Charming.  What other bird would I want to be if I could be a bird? Tufted Titmouse sounds good. And they are so cute and tiny! Or, maybe something more glorious, like a Resplendent Quetzal? Or a Crimson Sunbird? Or even more majestic Regal Sunbirds? Maybe a White-throated Honeyeater? I love honey, for sure.. I have an Audubon daily calendar with so many birds I did not know the names of so many... Let's settle on Spotted Pardalote, then. Does this name make  you smile? 

My valley on a cloudless day in March 2019.

Whatever type of bird, I am, I know I am the only one of my kind, I do have relatives, of this world, and the next, but I am only one. So... now that I'm all balance and shining brightly with the Light of Love, it is time to admit it: 


         I am a miracle of life

         I do what I want
         I want what I do

         I am perfect

         I am a cosmic tree
         I grow by the calm lake of Light

         Its smooth opal surface
         Reflects the Sun's smiling face

         My roots drink liquid light
         My crown sparkles with stars

         My leaves are green with peace
         My flowers are gold with joy
         My fruit is ripe with wisdom

         I am a living miracle
         I am perfect

         From noon to midnight
         From midnight to noon

         I love what I do 
         I do what I love

         I am - I shine
         I am one with One

         I am perfect

(C) 2016, by Maja Trochimczyk, 
from Into Light: Poems and Incantations

Lenticular clouds are rare, but natural. Some say, these are
cloaked alien ships. If so, that day we had a whole armada! 

Phoenix from Japan. Thanks to Mieko Sawatari

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Spring is in the Air, with Mockingbirds and Plum Trees

I saw two mockingbirds in a battle with four large, black crows that came to eat their babies out of a nest in the oleanders. The mockingbirds were less than half the size of the crows, they were outnumbered yet they fought fiercely, fearlessly.  They led the crows towards a big tree across the neighbor yards. One after another they flew at the crows to peck them with their sharp beaks. It lasted for more than ten minutes. I would help them if I could but I cannot even throw stones, and definitely have no guns around, so what is one to do? My heart went out to the brave birds, so beautiful with their white stripes on their tails and open wings... They are my favorite residents in the garden, I love listening to the infinite variety of phrases in their liquid melodies, flowing, like flute improvisations, clear and there sparkling in sunlight.

The next morning only one crow returned, and was chased away by the mockingbird. Then, I saw another couple in the same dance as I was going on my morning walk. The same dance of love of your offspring, fearless love, fighting with the lazy crows, who did not seem desperate or hungry, just filling their time with something to do...

Everything is in bloom. The roses are huge and the rainbow of hues richer than ever. I added more fragrant bushes - Grande Dame, Double Delight, more Love, silver on the outside and vermilion inside. Some I did not save the name-tags for, though I should have, now I do not know what to look for, after they prove themseves, blossoming in the garden.

My peach tree had dark mauve flowers, but they came and went too quickly. There will not be many peaches this year.  At my friend's house a plum tree blossomed and was so pretty with the pink-white blossoms with darker stamens, that it became a spring poem:

The Day of a Plum Tree

Like a pink anemone 
at the bottom of the sea
stamens dance in slow motion
Plum flowers open and stretch 
towards the sun   -  the sun   - the sun

They drink the dew and juices of the earth
flowing up the roots, the trunk, the branches

Their petals like layers of crinoline skirt
 fold and unfold, re-arranging themselves 
around dark plum-hued heart of hearts 
Dancing stamens wait for the bees 
to make honey and fruit out of 
their passing beauty

Soon, breeze will rise
among branches - pink blizzard 
of swirling petals                              will waltz         

                    through the air 

to the ground                  to the roots            into 


The flowering 
of the plum tree 
once again

(c) 2019 by Maja Trochimczyk

I've been working on my folk ballads series, their designated readers are in prison, locked up, rejected by society whose rules they rejected first.  More complicated verse might go right above their heads, rhyme makes things easier to remember.  After the Ballad of the New Sun, the Ballad of the New Star, the Ballad of the Heart, and the Ballad of the Golden Scroll, time for The Ballad of Angels.

The Ballad of Angels

If I were an angel,
I’d know how not to cry.
Everything would be perfect
In my gold-winged life.

If I were an angel,
White star within my heart,
My path, the space around me
Would sparkle in the night.

If I were an angel,
You would not hear me lie.
Truth is so simple, always
It teaches us to fly.

Oh, wait! I am an angel
Wrapped in a rainbow glow.
I dance like crimson sunbird
In clear skies high above.

I am God’s light servant.
I speak, I walk in truth.
Dazzling, resplendent quetzal
turns dark to dawn to noon.

Angels are all connected
To serve the greatest good
So every living creature
Is happy as they should.

We too, can be angelic,
Filled with the divine grace
If we throw off our burdens
Of guilt, of shame, of vice.

Our path is clear and narrow
Don’t seek forbidden fruit.
Follow the guidance given
Step onwards, foot by foot.

We’ll reach our destination
Our wings grown wide and bright.
Hearts soft, like dove’s feathers
We’ll dance high, in the light.

I'm not quite satisfied with it, maybe rhymed work does not suit me, it seem too rhythmic, too clodding. It does not have the rhythm of dance, of poetry, it is more like heavy steps of a prisoner. So maybe it would fit and have an effect where all else failed?

Who knows, what I can do, the only thing I can do, is write.  Workshops are great to fix poems, I like bringing first drafts to workshops, not finished poems, because then I get  help in correcting errors, or finding things that I have not seen, such as using the same word twice in close proximity or adding a "punch line" to a poem that does not need one, for it is not a joke.

Here's the new, improved version of what was once "A Poem of No Name" - and is "On Landscapes: A Guidebook" - the reference to Baroque poetry with all these Capitals is purposeful, as is the allegory.  

On Landscapes: A Guidebook

First you cross the Salt Plains of Rejection
into the Desert of Abandonment.
Mount Disappointment lies just beyond
The Valley of Regret. This is a huge country.
You lived there for decades. You explored
every nook and cranny; path, boulder, crevice.

Ever since your mother disappeared
for five months and a year. Ever since
you learned to write at six to send her
your desperate pleas: “Mommy, come back.
Mommy, I love you. Mommy, why don’t you
love me, any more?” You re-lived this story
time and time again. In every marriage, romance. 

Now you know too well how it feels.
Now you can open the enchanted book
and say the words of magic.

You pour out a River of Molten Light –
dazzling, white hot, yet cool to touch –
over the chaff of broken feelings, the dust
of memories you wish were not yours
to keep and gather for the Ancient One.

The chaff burns.
The shadows flee.
You find a grain of gold
Under your feet.
Smooth, shiny, polished,
It is yours to keep.

Is it a grain? Look closer, a golden acorn
rests in the palm of your hand. Plant it
in Guilt Valleys. Plant it in the Deserts 
of Despair. plant on Fear Mountain slopes.
Plant on wind-swept Plains of Sorrow.

It grows so fast. Soon, a magnificent oak tree
spreads out its gold leaves and boughs.
New life in your Landscape of Desolation. 
Look through its branches. Be mindful, 
attentive. What do you see?

Here: the Fertile Fields of Bonding.
There: the Rainbow Meadows of Connection.
Look carefully now. See the Pristine Peaks 
of Fulfillment, the Sun Garden of of Gratitude? 
Filled with every kind of fragrant blossoms, 
the heady perfume of rose and jasmine, 
delicate scent of lavender and forget-me-nots, 
liquid melodies of birdsong in the air.

This is not a mirage.  
This is your own world 
to conjure up, delight in.

Here. This gold grain is for you. 
Will it become an acorn or 
a pine cone in your hand? 

Come. Let's plant it 
and watch it grow.

(c) 2019 by Maja Trochimczyk