Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Summer of Editing Ends with the Butterfly and Edgar Allan Poet

My poetry had to take second place to my music history passions. I finally agreed to edit the second version of William Smialek's Chopin - A Research and Information Guide, first published by Routledge in 1999 and by now the fourth most popular book on Chopin in the world. The trouble is that Chopin research has grown exponentially since that time, so it is crucial to keep it up to date. This is why for the last two months, I wrote nothing but book records, with ISBNs,  ML signatures, page numbers, contents, and descriptions for over 1000 books and articles about Chopin. Fun! This explains my long absence from this page.


I had fun with poetry, too. The anthology-in-progress by Poets on Site dedicated to Susan Dobay's Madame Butterfly project has resulted in a wonderful event last week. Japanese poet Mariko Kitakubo graced the halls with the poetry in Japanese and English. Other poets read their work published in a chapbook "Madame Butterfly" edited by indefatigable Kathabela Wilson.

The Scenic Drive Gallery in Monrovia was the site of this artistic feast on September 13, 2014, and it was not only decorated with the amazing art of Susan Dobay, inspired by Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly, but also allowed us to watch her Visual Interpretations of Music, inspired by Butterfly.

You can watch it here (if it works), if not go to YouTube:

The artwork was previously on display in a solo show by Dobay at the Shumei Center in Pasadena, but the airy interior of the gallery with its white walls and diagonal shafts of sunlight served it very well, indeed. Our group included Rick Wilson who accompanied the poets on Japanese shakuhachi and Kathabela Wilson with Mariko Kitakubo played Japanese percussion. It was a truly inspired and inspiring reading.  A great chain of inspiration: story - music - opera - artwork - visual interpretation of the art - poetry - performance...


As if one amazing poetry event was not enough, I got a notice from Editor Apryl Skiles that she finished the work on the online free version of the second Edgar Allan Poet Anthology. I'm honored to have a poem about two paintings by Vincent Van Gogh in this astounding volume ("The Alchemist Tree in Winter"). You will love it even more, as you will be turning the pages of this amazing treat!

And here's the Editor's Introduction and the List of Poets.  What a great artistic community!

Edgar Allan Poe was an American author, literary critic, storyteller, and poet who left this realm October 07, 1849. Since his tragic and mysterious demise this literary recluse has become an iconic historical figure. Is this because his writing was so remarkable or because the idea of Poe and what he presented to readers is that of intrigue and mystery, or a touch of both?
Many readers may say that his storytelling far exceeds the merit of his poetry. Those who are widely familiar with his work would consider that a fair argument. Those less familiar with his extensive collection of work may “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore…”, but then there are poems such as “Alone”, written with such timbre and cadence they become a songful hypnotic.
Literature has evolved with its readers, and poetry in particular has swayed from traditional meter, and rhyme, towards a more contemporary free-verse or prose to a great degree. However, the world seems to be gravitating toward a new era, an era of poetic renaissance.
It is the intention of the Editor to carry on the celebration of literature, and art as a whole. Poetry exists in all creative mediums, it is the atom of all art. It is the very foundation of inspiration, whether derived from words, images, or music. Once this realization is presented in any form, all things are possible.
The literature and art contained within this collective are chosen to present to the reader a wide array of voices and visions based on the themes of music, art, and philosophy. Sincere appreciation is extended to Colleen McLaughlin for the beautiful painting “Cello, my Love”, which truly pulls together these themes with the very emotive expression of the muse and the bold, melodic color palette.
In addition, this collection includes poetry, prose, short fiction, and artwork by artists, and writers from all edges of the world. While this collection as a whole is one created in heart-fire, it would not be complete without sincere gratitude to the following individuals: Alexis FancherAngel Uriel Perales,Barbara H. Moore, Danny Baker, David Imapoet McIntire, E. L. Elazar Larry FreifeldHank BeukemaJR PhillipsLois Michal Unger FreifeldMarie LecrivainMartin Willitts Jr.Rick Stepp-BollingChicory Poetry, and never lastly, Will Crawford.
Please visit for more on these and other prolific contemporaries.
Alexis Fancher
adrian ernesto C E P E D A
angela consolo M A N K I E W I C Z
angel uriel P E R A L E S
anne T A M M E L
annette marie H Y D E R
april michelle B R A T T E N
b.j. B U C K L E Y
barbara h. M O O R E
bryan S T O R Y
carl S C H A R W A T H
carolyn Z I E L
catfish M C D A R I S
cindy W E I N S T E I N
colleen M C L A U G H L I N
cristina U M P F E N B A C H - S M Y T H
daniel n. F L A N A G A N
danny B A K E R
david f. M A R S E E
david M C I N T I R E
debbie L E E
diane D E H L E R
e.l. F R E I F E L D
eli S P I VAK O V S K Y
emily F E R N A N D E Z
faith M I N G U S
felix A L V A R E Z
francesca C A S T A Ñ O
gabor g. G Y U K I C S
gordon H I L G E R S
heidi D E N K E R S
hélène C A R D O N A
j.r. P H I L L I P S
j.t. W I L L I A M S
jan S T E C K E L
janet S N E L L
jesse M I N K E R T
jonathan T A Y L O R
joseph S A L E
judith S K I L L M A N
kevin m. H I B S H M A N
leanne H U N T
leila a. F O R T I E R
lois michal U N G E R
lynn B R O N S T E I N
maja T R O C H I M C Z Y K
marian W E B B
marie L E C R I V A I N
melissa S T U D D A R D
micheál Ó C O I N N
michael wayne H O L L A N D
michael F O L D E S
raquel R E Y E S – L O P E Z
rich F O L L E T T
rick S T E P P – B O L L I N G
rizwan saeed A H M E D
scott c. K A E S T N E R
steven H A R T M A N
susan m. B O T I C H
terrence S Y K E S
thomas K E N T
tomás Ó C Á R T H A I G H
tom P E S C A T O R E
tony M A G I S T R A L E
william C R A W F O R D