Into Light

The beautiful thing about people is that we are beings of light. Clothed with dense, slowly moving matter, we all have the diamond of light within us.

I hold a bouquet of infinity in my hand. 
It opens to blossom in ellipses, circles, petals –
intersecting trajectories of light, reverberations
of energy reflecting a multitude of timelines –

crystal after crystal – wave after wave –
carnelian into amber into gold – emerald into sapphire  
into quartz crystals – sparkling above a multitude 
of mirrored cupolas – other infinities that pass me by.

This fragment of my "Infinity Room" poem (from Grateful Conversations: A Poetry Anthology, Moonrise Press, 2018), points to the personal choice that is of infinite consequences: belonging or not belonging, feeling connected to the world and people, or feeling isolated and utterly alone.  In fact, we are never alone because of that "diamond of light" within being a part of the whole universal matrix of light that sustains everything, but also because and a light cord connects us to our higher selves, known at certain times as Guardian Angels. It may seem very confusing and complicated, or very simple indeed. There is nothing beyond the universe that exists, except the universe itself. Its energy light lattice underlies all that becomes manifest in physical form.

All we have to do is to fill ourselves with this light, or realize that it is already there - as a cocoon, or a torus of flowing energy, a bright star on our foreheads and chests, or a fountain of living water springing from our hearts. Each one of us is at the center of a radiating sphere of light that pulsates in waves of color, red, orange, gold, emerald, sapphire, lapis, amethyst, and diamond.

In your heart...

let’s conjure up a lovelier, brighter rainbow,
made of jewels, translucent and opaque.
They are you, head to toe, a rainbow you
of strength and insight, presence and delight.

You are a rainbow of endless light
You are a rainbow of boundless love

You are a red ruby of life
You are a pure amber of creation
You are a bright gold of strength
You are a green emerald of affection
You are a blue sapphire of truth
You are a clear amethyst of perception

You are a white diamond of light
You are a bright diamond of light

The jewel rainbow of your body. 
The jewel rainbow of your mind.

Grounded in the earth, 
reaching for the sky, 
dancing among stars.

You are love, you are light.

Together, we, as all humanity form another sphere of light around the globe, sometimes brighter, sometimes dimmed, we are one consciousness, linked globally through our shared intent to love or to fear, our intense thoughts of compassion or rejection.

I've been trying to figure out what this spiritual Light really is or really means for over 30 years now, starting from my introduction to the New Testament and a plan to write a treatise about "Light" in the Gospels on the occasion of my baptism back in 1987. I collected all the quotes I could find, but did not write the book, yet. Instead, I wrote a lot of poems on light and love and all the beautiful feelings and thoughts that come from contemplating the gifts and the blessings we share. I also thought how to get there, and where the "there" really is - within my heart, I decided and off we go, on a cosmic exploration. It is enough to open the windows, to start.

I found somewhere, and adapted into a poem, an original form of meditation called Meditation on Light, something that is quite good to do every morning and evening, to calm down, refocus, and refresh... as I flood my whole body with intense bright light,  white to start with, splitting into a rainbow and reuniting into white again.

Meditation on Light

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Relax.

Imagine a bright, golden-white light right above your head, a miniature sun. Its golden rays shine all around you, through you. You are surrounded, enveloped, protected by light. You are Light. You are Love. You are safe.

Now, breathe in this light. See how it starts to shine inside you. With each breath, the brightness descends into you, deeper and deeper. Light enters and fills you. It shines inside your head. You see it in your mind's eye. Light particles scatter and flow in waves. All your thoughts are pure light. There is no darkness. Only light, only peace.

Now, the white light expands and settles in your heart. A sun shines in the middle of your chest. It stays there. The pulsating sun-heart moves the golden-white, dazzling light into all parts of your body. Your blood and veins are full of light. A warm glow spreads all over. Darkness disappears. Light is everything....

I included this meditation in my book of spiritual poems and "incantations" (for which I started to compose music, to sing them each morning). The book is entitled Into Light and was first published in 2016.

May the blessing of light be on you
Light without and light within
May the blessed sunlight shine on you
and warm your heart
till it glows like a great peat fire

My other books of poetry often included elements of strife, heartbreak, suffering - depicting wartime memories of my family, or a tragic love story. The slim volume "Into Light" contained at first all my positive poems (that were few and far between when I started), but then grew by the addition of various incantations, or mantras, or whatever you want to call it, just read it every day and fill yourself with the feeling of contentment that comes with them. In fact, I was so pleased with this book, that I proposed to do a reading on the theme, and prepared a bunch of decorations and handouts for the "LitCrawl" event in Hollywood in 2016. It had one or maybe two listeners, plus four poets performing, so it was not very successful, in terms of its size... but still, a major step "Into Light" - for me. 

I included in the book and on this blog an ancient Irish blessing of light, that I still love  - it is copied above in the image of the spring in California.  I used it for my Christmas wishes that year. 

The Stream

I am the stream of Love
I flow towards the Divine
to all, in all, through all

I am the wave of Light
I move towards the Divine
to all, in all, through all

I am the cup of Love
I'm filled with Love Divine
for all, from all, in all

I am the spark of Light
I shine with Light Divine
for all, on all, through all

I am the sea of Love
I'm filled with Love Divine
for all, from all, in all

I am the ocean of Light
I shine with Light Divine
for all, on all, through all

Blessed be the stream
Blessed be the wave

Blessed be the cup
Blessed be the spark

Blessed be the sea
Blessed be the ocean

Now and Before and After
Now and Now and Now

And so, my last poem in the Grateful Conversations anthology, and the most recent poem about "into Light" adventure ends with the following stanza: 



My revelation is this — we are the children 
of Sunlight — blessed by Radiance — wearing 
Love’s golden halos — we shine and blossom — 
in Light’s cosmic garden of stars — lilies — violets — 
peonies — daffodils —and roses — always roses — 
in this brilliant garden — on a diamond planet —
of what is — in the Heart of the Great, Great Silence —

— there’s no here — nor  there —
— no before  — nor  after —
— no inside  — nor  outside —

——— All is Always Now———
——— All is Always One———

——— Where We Are ———

There are many ways of learning to live in light, follow the best, the most inspired path in life. On the website, "Web of Love" we find the following ideas, called Simple Keys for a Fuller Life, with several affirmations that together outline the best plan of action to the best possible future for all of us, a future of Love, in Light.

Simple Keys to a Fuller Life

1. What's Best: I will do my best to choose what's best for me and for all of us.

2. Divine Guidance: I will open to guidance from the divine.

3. Acceptance and Compassion: I will accept and find compassion for myself and all around me.

4. Love and Empowerment: I will love and empower all to be the best that we can be.

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